Download Colorplane 3.1.0

Download, install, open the plugin in Photoshop under the menu "Window - Extentions (legacy) - Colorplane". UXP plugin version could be installed by following instructions in "Colorplane Plugin Installer" folder. Check the PDF document there. Please, report any bugs to [email protected].

Testing phase

We are currently in the testing period. There are some bugs, so keep saving your files often. To restart the plugin - close and open the panel again. If Photoshop freezes, you can try to kill the biggest Colorplane process in the task manager (it could be grouped under the Photoshop process).

Installation of UXP plugin

Extra actions are needed to install UXP plugin. Doubleclicking colorplane_uxp.ccx should be enough (it should open Creative Cloud application, where you have to confirm installation).

Installation on Mac

Mount the downloaded DMG file. Click Install (do not drag it to install). Confirm the changes on your device by entering your password. We do not provide M1 version of the plugin yet (because there is no hardware available to test it for me). Check Readme file on how to install UXP plugin part.